How much does a building cost?

All of our building are custom ordered therefore prices will vary depending on the requirements of the customer.  The size, shape, materials, colors, cut outs for doors and windows, overhead doors, walk doors and warranties all affect the price of the building.  We will discuss your ideas and obtain a quote from our manufacturers.  After calculating labor and materials, we will provide you with a written quote.

Are you licensed and insured?

We have a Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana Contractors License. We are fully insured and can provide a Certificate of Insurance to a customer upon request.

Do you have a standard "box" building?

No, our manufacturers do not provide these as an option.

Can you provide a foundation?

Yes, we use a local, licensed and insured contractor to provide foundations and sidewalks for our customers.  This is generally provided at no markup to the customer.

How long does it take to receive my building?

Generally, most buildings are delivered in six to eight weeks. You will receive engineered drawings to submit with a permit application, if needed, about two weeks after the building is ordered.

Will you put up a building I ordered myself?

As we may not be familiar with the manufacturer of the building your ordered we normally do not put up building for which we did not supply the materials. Call us for a quote, we can provide you with a quality building for a fair price.

What general contractor services do you offer?

We can provide everything from turn key finishes to just electrical or plumbing. For most customers, we use licensed and insured subcontractors to provide work outside the scope of the metal building itself.